Jerry Kee has more than two decades of recording experience documenting the North Carolina music scene—and beyond—dating back to the Raleigh band Light in August in 1988 and including the first albums by Superchunk and Polvo. Along the way, Jerry has recorded, engineered, mixed, or produced recordings by Zen Frisbee, Sorry About Dresden, Tift Merritt, Shark Quest, The Strugglers, Bombadil, the Kingsbury Manx, Spatula, and many, many more.

Most recently, Jerry has worked on acclaimed releases by Schooner, Free Electric State, Spiderbags, Gray Young, Transportation, Americans in France, and Embarrassing Fruits.

Duck Kee Studio is literally Jerry Kee’s home. The last two incarnations [numbers 7 & 8] have been professional houses of recording and happy parts of the local and national music scene. Duck Kee is also home to several cats.

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